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“Sims tackles contemporary issues in work that is as much comics social activism as it is narrative”
- Broken Frontier

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January 2021

I Feel Love 

Edited by Krent Able & Julian Hanshaw

Stories by Krent Able, Anya Davidson, Julian Hanshaw, Benjamin Marra, Cat Sims and Kelsey Wroten.

October 2020

Love makes the world go round. It can also turn your heart as black as coal. In a series of short fictions, Krent Able, Anya Davidson, Julian Hanshaw, Benjamin Marra, Cat Sims and Kelsey Wroten explore love’s dark, twisted underbelly, and offer a much-needed antidote to everything that is sweet, cloying and conventional.

Through wife-swapping, slash fiction, medieval aliens, childbirth, swamp monsters and a mysterious black balloon, I Feel Love questions the one emotion that is meant to make us feel good—but that often does the exact opposite. As unflinching as it is honest, this is the kind of book you don’t take home to meet your parents.

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Abolishing the Police

Edited by Koshka Duff
Published by Dog section Press
Release date TBC

Abolishing the Police has now raised the full production costs on Crowdfunder︎

We must abolish the police to create a more equal society

“A new book entitled Abolishing the Police (An Illustrated Introduction) asks what dismantling the police would actually look like. Below, its editor Koshka Duff and contributor Connor Woodman interrogate our current institution's role in upholding a profoundly unequal and crisis-ridden social order.
In June earlier this year, Lisa Bender, the Minneapolis City Council President, made a statement to hundreds of protesters. “Our efforts at incremental reform have failed,” she said, “Period.” In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, which sparked global demonstrations for Black Lives Matter, Bender’s pledge to dismantle the Minneapolis Police was a moment of hope for activists around the world.

Although Bender’s pledge is still no closer to becoming policy, the idea of abolishing the police – which may once have seemed preposterous – is gaining mainstream currency. It seems that many share the suspicion that there is something rotten about the police, not just as individuals, but as an institution. And not just as one isolated institution, but as the tip of a much larger iceberg of coercive institutions, all of which work to criminalise, subdue, and punish.” 

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