︎ January 2021 ︎

Illustration Research Methods

Published by Bloomsbury

“For years illustration has lacked a strong critical history in which to frame it, with academics and media alike assessing it as part of design rather than a discipline in its own right. Illustration Research Methods addresses this void and adds to a fast-emerging discipline, establishing a lexicon that is specific to discussing contemporary illustration practice and research.
Supported by a wealth of case studies from international educators, student projects sit alongside those of world-renowned illustrators. Thus allowing users the opportunity to put what they have learnt into context and offering insight into the thinking and techniques behind some of illustrations' greats.”

Black Matter as ‘Activism’.

“Depicting a continuation of the current reality, or an exaggeration of policy or of a natural phenomenon highlights what might be ‘round the corner’ and is exemplified in Cat Sims’ short comic ‘Black Matter’. Part zombie apocalypse, part psychogeographic wandering, this hybrid narrative about a young woman’s journey to a hasility arranged online date, is set in a world eerily familiar and yet unreal. Contempoary issues, such as loneliness and isolation, mental health issues, designer drugs and gentrification, are envisaged through the lens of a ‘not-too-distant future’. Set in a cityscape plagued by social inequality; graffiti and abandoned desolate building sit adjacent to private luxury developments...”