XENOS: At the Edge of Life

Self-published, 2018

“Describing the work of Cat Sims in XENOS: At the Edge of Life as “social commentary” seems a desperately inadequate term for such an undeniably potent piece of pure visual storytelling.” - Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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Broken Frontier’s Comic of the Festival (ELCAF) 2018

Black Matter

Self-published, 2017

Cat Sims Combines the Pop Cultural and the Psychogeographical in this Powerful Piece of Comics Social Commentary

“In Black Matter, Cat Sims presents a short comics story that is replete with layers for the reader to carefully unpeel and consider. It plays on a combination of pop cultural standards and stark social commentary, presenting a story that uses zombie horror overtones to embellish its psychogeographical explorations.” - Broken Frontier

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Work in Progress (unpublished)

A new futuristic three-part graphic work about women and fertility. 


Edited by Shelly Bond

Summer 2020

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