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“Sims tackles contemporary issues in work that is as much comics social activism as it is narrative”
- Broken Frontier

Represented by Illustration X


Black Matter

Self-published comic, 2017  

Cat Sims Combines the Pop Cultural and the Psychogeographical in this Powerful Piece of Comics Social Commentary

Comics as a medium is one that asks for an extra level of involvement from the reader; not just in terms of interpretation but also in how we interact with the narrative and control the reading experience for ourselves. The finest work I review in this column is practice that understands that unique three-way relationship between creator, page and audience, and exploits it to communicate its themes in ways that no other medium can.

That’s something that’s very evident in Black Matter where Cat Sims presents a short comics story that is replete with layers for the reader to carefully unpeel and consider. It plays on a combination of pop cultural standards and stark social commentary, presenting a story that uses zombie horror overtones to embellish its psychogeographical explorations.

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